Minnie & Pippa

Chief Morale Officers


Hey there, pals! I'm a former show dog from the chilly lands of Minnesota, but I traded the spotlight for a cozy spot with Ron and Susan down here in the sunny Southwest. Best decision ever! Nowadays, you'll catch me soaking up the 'siesta' life with my beloved family. But don't let the laid-back vibes fool ya – when it's time for our weekly office visits, I'm on high alert, guarding my humans like a pro. Can't let any funny business happen on my watch! With my wagging tail and charming personality, I'll steal your heart in no time. Ready to spread smiles and tail wags wherever I go – woof!


Hey there, fur-riends! I'm the newest addition to the pack, and let me tell ya, I hit the jackpot with this family! I get my name because, like my sis, I also hail from "Minnie-sota" and am a miniature version of my sister - but growing fast! She's like the wise elder teaching me the ropes of this dog-eat-dog world (pun intended!). From snuggling up in fluffy beds to zooming around the backyard, we're already creating memories that'll last a lifetime. And don't even get me started on the treats – they're like little pieces of heaven!